What Motorcycles are Made in America

Not all motorcycles you see revving on the highways are American-made. The reality is the manufacturing of the most popular brands happens elsewhere. American brands include Indian Motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Boss Industries, Polaris Industries, and Big Bear Choppers, to mention but a few.  

Below is a list of American motorcycles and some facts about them, including the fantastic features they possess.

Scout Rogue

The Scout Rogue is an Indian Motorcycle manufactured in America. The company is in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Polaris Industries bought the Indian Motorcycle and currently produces electric bikes at half the cost, which takes less time.

Some of the incredible features of the Scout Rogue are:

  • It has an electric motor of 100 horsepower.
  • It has a transmission speed of 6
  • The engine type is liquid-cooled 69cu in V-twin.
  • The bike has a fuel capacity of 3.3 gallons.
  • The front brakes are a single, two-piston caliper and a 298 mm rotor, while the rear brakes are single, with one piston caliper and a 298mm rotor.

Scout Bobber

The Scout Bobber is an aggressive electric motorcycle produced by Indian motorcycles. The bike has a modern, classy design with a smooth finish, and purchasing the Scout Bobber guarantees you a smooth ride on all terrains.

Some of the outstanding features of the Scout Bobber include;

  • The electric motor can manage 100 horsepower and a transmission speed of 6
  • The engine is liquid-cooled 69 cu in a V-twin
  • It can handle a 3.3-gallon fuel capacity.
  • It is available in a wide range of colors, like black metallic, black metallic ABS, stealth gray ABS, spirit blue metallic, and silver quartz smoke.

Chieftain Dark Horse

The Chieftain Dark Horse is a product of Polaris Industries and one of the performing Chieftain models.

Some of the unique specs of the 2012 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse include;

  • It has a thunder stroke 116 V-twin engine producing about 126 lb-ft of torque.
  • The bike has a fuel capacity of 5.5 gallons and a transmission speed of 6
  • Despite the name, the electric motorcycle is available in a wide range of colors, such as ruby smoke, titanium smoke trims, burnt orange metallic smoke, crimson metallic, stealthy gray, and thunder black smoke.
  • The motor has a displacement of 1890 cc and 92 horsepower.

Indian Challenger

There is an Indian Motorcycle for everyone, whether you are a newbie or a guru. The Indian Challenger is an excellent performer and offers a comfortable ride.

Outstanding features of this electric motorcycle are:

  • The bike has a PowerPlus liquid-cooled V-twin engine with a peak torque of 128 lb-ft.
  • The electric motor has a horsepower of 122, a transmission speed of 6, and an engine size of 108 cu in.
  • It can hold up to 6 gallons of fuel.
  • The front suspension is an Inverted Telescopic Cartridge Fork, while the rear suspension is Fox Single Shock w/ Hydration adjustment.
  • The Indian Challenger is available in black, metallic, and titanium smoke colors.

Roadmaster Dark Horse

The Roadmaster Dark Horse is an improvement of the Chieftain Dark Horse.

The excellent specs of this electric bike are:

  • It has three ride modes; tour, standard, and sport.
  • The Indian Roadmaster Dark House design consists of a fender-mounted iconic war-bonnet ornament and weatherproof storage.
  • The bike has ClimaCommand rogue heated/cooled seats.
  • The engine is a 1890cc thunder stroke 116 V-Twin motor.
  • Available colors include black thunder smoke, ruby smoke, and white smoke.
  • The electric motorcycle can achieve a top speed of 115mph with a six-speed transmission. 

Indian Springfield

The Indian Springfield derives its name from its hometown. This electric motorcycle is the perfect combination of class and modern technology. The style, sound, and performance of this electric motorcycle are unmatched. 

Some of its unique features include:

  • This machine has a Thunder Stroke 111 engine, achieving peak torque at 2600rpm.
  • It has three ride modes; sport, tour, and standard.
  • It has an engine capacity of 1811.0 ccs and a transmission speed of six.
  • The motorcycle has alloy wheels and a dual brake disc.
  • It has a gas tank capacity of 20.8 liters and consumes petrol.
  • In addition, the bike has an engine kill switch, fuel warning indicator, fuel gauge, low oil indicator, and low battery indicator.
  • It is available in the colors red and thunder black.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

This electric motorcycle first graced the market in 2014. Riders appreciate this motorcycle for its performance. In addition, it feels lighter than it weighs.

Some of the outstanding features of the LiveWire include:

  • It has a passenger seat.
  • It has mid-mount foot controls.
  • It has a high-voltage battery covering 146miles of the city range and 95 miles on the highway.
  • It is easy to charge.
  • It has pre-programmed ride modes; rain, road, sport, and range.
  • Its magnet electric motor is below the battery, giving it incredible acceleration.
  • The electronic brake control is impressive as it uses advanced chassis control, making it easy for you to brake in a straight line or while turning.  

Confederate FA-13 Bomber

The FA-13 Bomber is one of the aggressive electronic motorcycles which is no longer in production. It can achieve top speeds of 164.95 miles per hour. This powerful machine is the product of Confederate.

Some of its superb features are:

  • It has a monocoque frame made from a military-spec billet with a stealth-mode finish.
  • The Confederate FA-13 Bomber achieves a top speed of 160mph.
  • It has a 2.163cc V-twin engine with a horsepower of 150.
  • It has a unique double-wishbone, monoshock front suspension, and cantilever mono-shock rear suspension.

Street Bob

The Street Bob is the definition of an American Motorcycle. The machine is a product of Harley-Davidson, which was popular after World War II and upgraded over the years. However, there is a 2022 Street Bob that is to die for.

Some of the excellent features this motorcycle has are:

  • It is available in black, grey, maroon and blue colors.
  • It has a stretched riding position and mid-mount foot controls.
  • The bike has a Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 engine.
  • The high-quality suspensions make it swift to turn gears, and you don’t have to tense up when hitting those corners.

Street 750

Street 750 production is by Harley Davidson in Kansas City. This machine is excellent for beginners as it is affordable and of good quality. However, the ride is a little low, making it suitable for short to medium-distance travel.

Some of its exceptional features include:

  • It has a passenger seat.
  • Suitable for upright riding position with mid-mount foot controls
  • Its engine is a liquid-cooled V-twin motor.
  • It has an electronic gauge, 3.5-inch electronic speedometer with low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, high beam, low fuel warning, fork lock, and neutral.

Lightning LS-218

The Lightning LS-218 is famous for being the fastest electric Motorcycle and has held on to that title since its production in 2014. However, Lighting Motorcycles are known for pushing their limits and producing the highest-performing electric bikes in the world.

Some of the specs that make this machine superior are:

  • It achieves a top speed of 218miles per hour in about 2.2 seconds with high-speed gearing and fairing.
  • It has a 200 horsepower and 168 lb-ft performing electric motor.
  • It takes about 30 minutes of charging time on a DC fast charger and 120 minutes on a level 2 charger.

Zero SR/F

The Zero SR/F is an excellent American motorcycle. This electric motorcycle is a great performer compared to other bikes. Moreover, it is the world’s first smart motorcycle, an upgrade to electric motorcycles.

Some of its formidable specs include;

  • It’s electric motor delivers 140 lb-ft of torque and 110 horsepower.
  • It’s built with a 15.6+ kWh lithium-ion battery.
  • Since it is a smart bike, it allows you to download Zero’s next-generation app with unique features.
  • Its body is made of a steel trellis frame, making it strong.
  • It has a Cypher III+ operating system to download the latest performance upgrades.